Vierbeiner Osteopathie

The wellness of your pet friend is important for me.   I created « Vierbeiner » to assist and help your compagnon with his wellness and health. I´m a vet and I worked some years as a conventional vet since figured out that I needed to take care of my patients in a different way ; softer therapy and moreover holystique therapy which take care of the entire being ; his physical, emotional and energetical aspect.   You will find here various suggestions of soft but powerful treatment to relieve emotional and physical pains.   To this end I use energetic osteopathy techniques like cranio-sacrale therapy, meridians from chinese medecin or BachFlowers and aromatherapy.   Of course, I add my personal touch which is to establish a trusthy and lovely relationship between my fourlegs  patient and me via a mutual energetic connection. Indeed during the session, a real synergy is created: I receive as much as I give a care…   Now, let´s get started….Would you??!!!!