Géraldine Meller-Barrel


2002    Master 1 Degree of Animal Biology and Physiology, University of Sciences – Montpellier (France)

2009    Ph.D Veterinary Medecine University of Liège ( Belgique)

2013    First Degree REIKI practice( Mulhouse-France)

2012    Animal communication training by Dr vet Anna Evans ( Lille- France)

2015    Animal communication training by Nathalie Sérouart ( Lyon-France)

2016    Degree of Energetic Horse Osteopathy – Salomon Method (EPOS) (Meersburg-Allemagne)

2016    Initiation to  Masterson Method®

Im very happy to have you here with me. I would like to get to know you a bit more and actually to meet with you but in the meanwhile lets talk about who I am.
My name is Géraldine, I´m originaly from Paris but I travelled a lot.
After obtaining my biology master I went to live one year in Sevilla in Spain. There, I learnt a lot about the Spanish culture.
Then I decided to go back to study but this time veterinarian medicine in Liege, Belgium.
My vet degree obtained, I specialised my practice with small animals.

Then I worked few years in Paris area and decided to spend one year in New-Zeland. It was a wonderful experience for me because I initiated myself to energetical and spiritual practice on top of visiting the most beautiful country I had even seen.
Back in France I followed several training of animal communication which one of them was with Dr Anna Evans. Anna Evans is a Swiss veterinarian very famous in this field.
Those training opened in me a total other view of life; personally and professionally.
I completed this “energetic wake up” by obtaining the first level of Reiki practice.

Slowly I realised while working as a vet that taking care of the energetic side of my patients brought a lot of positives effects.
Taking the time to listen to them( yes, I´m still talking about my animals friends..), to help them with their emotions and try to understand their needs and the ones of theirs”owners”.
I developed a special touch and connexion feeling to the animal spirit stronger and stronger.

Unfortunatly at this time this approach was neither understood nor accepted in my professional environment.
But a new job opportunity came to my husband: moving to the German part of Switzerland.
I took this opportunity to change as well and started a Energetic Osteopathy training for horses.
This training was a double challenge for me: learning german and osteopathy at the same time. It was hard but very fulfilling at the same time.
Since mars 2016 I´m a certifided Energetic Osteopathe ( SALOMON school) and I´ve work with plenty of horses.
According to my feelings and thoses of my clients I can tell you with insurance that now I´m where I supposed to be and doing what I was meant to do.
With “Vierbeiner” I made a passion my job.