While for the human athlete, the benefactions of the massage are known and used for quite a long time, our athletes in 4 clogs still have only too rarely the chance to benefit from such treatments nevertheless recognized to improve their performances, support the recovery, improve flexibility and decrease the stress.

Today numerous veterinarians and riders recognize the beneficial effects of the massage and resort to it to support the preparation of the muscle structure for the effort, as the help to the recovery or as complementary therapy during convalescence of wounded horses. Several veterinary studies were made besides in diverse country and highlight the positive effects of the massage on the horses that they are convalescent or healthy. Riders of elite recognize, too the benefactions of the sessions of massage.

The massage can perfectly be complementary in an osteopathic treatment. Indeed, the massage favorites the blood circulation and by her the same, ‘ elimination of the lactic acid and the toxin accumulated during the sports effort. He softens muscular tissues, relaxes muscle and help to a good regulation of the nervous system. o, a session of massage will specially be adapted before and\or after a sports mattering effort to improve its performances and its recovery after the effort.
Also in period of convalescence of a wound to help him(it) to learn again to maintain a well-balanced posture and to decrease the fear of the pain either in a regular way to help the horse to unload(unburden) its tensions (muscular and emotional), to relax.
Indeed, it will allow to reduce the risk problems tissular and will support the hormonal and nervous function of the system.

Our Early Warning System

With respect to diseases taking hold, the importance of this general increase in efficiency of flow to tissues is crucial. We all know that early detection of a disease process is crucial in defeating it, whether that be the flu, pneumonia, arthritis, or cancers. Therefore, ensuring that there is proper fluid motion into and out of the tissues is required so that, especially in the case of lymph, any invasion by a bacteria, virus, or with any alteration to the normal physiological process (autoimmune responses, or cancers, etc.) is recognized sooner by the body’s defences, the immune system. Moreover, once a disease process is recognized, and the body’s defences mobilized, the sooner the fight begins, and the more likely a positive outcome will occur.  On the other hand, If delayed, then more damage is done to the body, and possibly the body will be overwhelmed before it even knows what is happening, or has a chance to adequately respond.
The early warning system we all have is both in the local tissues and in our lymphatic system. Local responses, however, can easily be overwhelmed. But even then, these defences will have secured pieces or traces or the disease and prepare them to be shipped out so that the body’s whole defence system can become involved quickly. It is then up to the circulatory system (blood and lymph flow) to get the alarm signals sent to the appropriate centres of defence and response. The body can manufacture specific and general responses, producing  its own pharmacological and biological agents to attack. Further, the regulatory systems (governed by hormones, and neural  reflexives) can change the body’s environment in ways that make it less friendly for the disease process: Fevers, chills, accelerating some bodily functions while slowing others, conserving resources as well as unleashing others, increasing the elimination of wastes from the body, etc.

One session 100CHF ( entre 1h et 1h30)
Forfait 5 séances 460CHF
Forfait 10 séances 900CHF

Driving costs
Within 20km area included
Above, 0,70ct/km